How To Use Instagram As A Marketing Tool

It’s not surprising that businesses around the world use social networking as a marketing tool. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have the power to spread the word and to make a brand more famous, generating interaction with customers.

All types of businesses are finding that Instagram can work as a great marketing tool. Using social media intelligently, can strengthen your brand and promote customer loyalty quickly.

Use Original Photos to Promote Your Products and Services

Do not post generic pictures or text images. Use creative and funny pictures. Avoid posting product photographs more than three or four times daily to not tire your followers. And never repeat the same image – this is considered a mortal sin on Instagram. Starbucks, which has thousands of followers, mix beautiful close-ups of their Frappuccino’s with their workers trying new products.

Promote Competition between Your Followers

It’s a fun and cheap way to interact with potential customers. Ask for your followers to submit personal photos trying your products. Then choose the best of the day or week and give one of your products to a winner. Levi’s is a brand that does it, asking their followers to send photos using their favorite clothing brand: more than 3 thousands of pictures were sent to the contest.

Show where you are

Is your business local and requires visits? This can be a good way for people to know where you are. Complement your pictures with good captions and also use geolocation. If a company has several franchises is a good way to show where they are. Another alternative is to register the company’s presence at events or conferences to show credibility. An example of how this tip works is Starbucks’ Instagram profile. The brand has branches throughout several countries. Having the geolocation turned on indicates where they are and which shops are promoting contests.

Post Backstage Images

How your products are made? Pictures of the manufacturing process can add an interesting value to your sales and bring more information to the buyer. Which services your company provides? What is your process of working? Stimulate the curiosity of your followers on what happens within the company, post photos of employees in moments of relaxation – company parties and events work well too. It is a common practice of several companies, showing how they combine product pictures with images of parades or their staff.

The most important thing is to adapt your message to the field of your business. We must try to understand the intersection between your company’s goals and what can be done through images and videos that will keep the public interested. And do not forget to comment on your followers’ photos, answer questions to their questions and tag partners (suppliers, customers, and employees).