Get Your Content Amplified!

One of the most important things for a business to do is to reach their audience. However, businesses are up against overwhelming odds as the average consumer is bombarded with more than enough information on a daily basis. For those who are active on social media, refreshing the news feed could cause something you saw merely seconds ago at the top of your feed move straight to the bottom of the feed. Taking the necessary first steps in the social media world is paramount, because if you don’t get the basics correct, there’s no way to move on to bigger steps. Once that is achieved, businesses should think of ways to “amplify” their content to get it from being just another message out there on the Internet, to the message everyone is talking about right here, right now.

Some businesses may already have thousands of followers on social media, but in the long run, it doesn’t produce results. What gets your content moving depends on who it reaches, how these followers engage your content, and a sound strategy on how to promote it on social media to reach both old followers and gain new ones.

The infographic below will show you how to craft your content so that it isn’t lost in the traffic, and instead takes the show.

Ivan Serrano is a freelance writer and infographic specialist from San Jose, California. He often becomes engrossed in new technologies and his photography during his free time. He hopes to be able to attend as many “Bay Area” sports events as he can this upcoming year.  Follow Ivan on Twitter @IvanSerrano55