Do You Need Landing Pages?

The answer is “Of Course You Need Landing Pages” if you want to generate leads, sales and motivate people to take action. There are various traffic sources you can tie with your Landing Page such as these more popularly used tools.

  • Pay per click search campaign
  • Banner ad
  • Blog post
  • Email

Regardless of the traffic source you choose, there are a few very basic ‘must-haves’ for your Landing Page to be truly effective and get the job done.

1)  You must have an evocative, attention-getting headline with punch and purpose.  If your headline doesn’t grab your readers’ attention immediately, you’ve missed an opportunity. Send the message loud and clear to communicate what you’re selling or what you want them to do.

2)  Lead with the strongest highlights of your product or service and most of all …

3)  Keep it Simple! Hold your word count between 350 and 500 max. But make it good.

4)  A sidebar can showcase awards or special mentions without eating up space.

5)  What are your differentiators? Why is your product/service better? Why should your reader choose your product/service over the competition?

6)  Sum it up neatly and reiterate the key points (without being redundant)

7)  Check ALL links to make sure nothing is broken; otherwise, you will lose prospects with one ill-fated click to nowhere.

8)  The basics: check spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation, tone. Then check it again.

9)  Make sure your graphics/photos are relevant to what you’re selling and avoid stock images if at all possible. Stick figures are better than the same faces your readers just saw on an unsolicited banner ad for toothpaste.

10)  And last, but by no means least, your Call to Action. Make it concise, compelling and direct. This is your last chance to reach potential new business.

Landing Pages will work hard for you if you take time to get them right. It just might be easier than you think to convert traffic into new customers with a well-written, strategic Landing Page. Check out this cleverly written post on that really drives home the importance of making your Landing Page rezzzzzzzzzzonate!