Facebook is Expanding It’s Advertising Reach

Facebook advertising works, and it works well. Facebook advertising provides marketers with smart targeting, low costs, and high engagement.

Facebook’s powerful advertising platform has offered several delivery options for ads: newsfeed, right column, mobile, and the audience network. The audience network is probably the one delivery platform that we are least familiar with as end-users. Up until recently, the Facebook Audience Network delivered ads to highly targeted, signed-in Facebook users on websites that were accessed via a personal Facebook feed.

Our experience has shown that Facebook ads delivered to the audience network, not only explodes an ad’s potential reach, but also dramatically increases CTR and decreases CPC. These are good things.

Ever-evolving, Facebook has again upped their advertising game, some say as a more effective and smarter alternative to Google’s AdSense Network, by expanding its capability of targeting and delivering ads to users not signed into Facebook.  Facebook knows more about users behavior and preferences than any other advertising platform, both on and off Facebook. The expansion of Facebook’s Audience Network is exciting news for businesses that want to deliver their ads to people who are most likely to be interested in their offerings and more likely to act on those interests.

Watch out, Google.