Effective Drip Campaigns Re-Engage and Change Minds

Two important elements of drip marketing are: 1) be sure your drip campaign contains a well-thought- out Renewal message that is sincere and timely; and 2) craft a finely-tuned message to positively reach Unsubscribes.


Maybe your user has extended their subscription or it’s about to run out; either way, you can leverage your drip campaigns to engage customers during the renewal process.

If you use automatic renewals, an autoresponder will send your users an alert that their account is about to be charged. You can load these renewal notification emails with contact information for your customer care team, or links to pages where users can update their billing or shipping information. If your subscriptions do not automatically renew, your drip campaign must have a clear call to action, prompting users to renew with your service. And when they do renew, be sure to send them a ‘thank you’ for staying with your service. This is a good time to prompt them to share your product/service with their friends.

Dear Allen,

Your premium membership expires this month and is scheduled to renew for another 12 months at 54.95. Let us know if your membership information has changed or if you wish to cancel your membership. We appreciate your business!


When we’re talking about automated emails, there are opportunities everywhere—even when a user is about to slip away through the “unsubscribe” button. Instead of getting angry with that email address, send a drip message that will take one last shot at changing the user’s mind.

Along with a little “we’re sorry to see you go!” message, you can use your automated drip campaign to push other channels like Facebook or Twitter. Remember: Users aren’t necessarily unsubscribing because they dislike your brand—they might just prefer to interact with you in a different way.

There are some savvy ways to directly ask user what they do not like. Try something like, “Tell us why you’re leaving and help us do a better job. What needs fixing? Your opinion matters.  We’re listening.”

Being persistent with an attitude of interest in the user (without being overbearing) can have surprisingly rewarding results.