Don’t Let Drip Marketing Scare You

At this point drip marketing is a common term among marketing professionals. And, there are numerous marketing automation tools that will support you in this process.

Unfortunately, selecting the tool can be one of the easier parts. The real challenge often comes in creating the strategy that will drive your drip marketing campaign.

Over the next few weeks we will begin a series of articles talking about the phases and processes involved in creating the best campaign for your business.

Drip marketing is essentially a set of pre-written messages designed to nurture leads over time, so it follows many of our basic marketing strategy principles. The ultimate goal is to require minimal involvement from you or your sales team until the point where the prospect interacts and therefore moves from a cold lead to a warmer lead. These programs vary from standard database marketing where specific timing is followed, variables trigger different communications and the process is automated.

These messages are typically in the form of email marketing, but more elaborate programs often include a variety of touch points designed to court your prospect into becoming your client.

This can become one of the most symbiotic efforts uniting marketing and sales – which as you know can be a constant challenge.

See you next week for a crash course on drip marketing, from foundational strategic effort to the tactical execution.