Do You Have the Right Access to Your Digital Marketing People?

Working with a smaller digital marketing agency has tangible advantages over larger agencies where you (the client) often get lost in the scramble. And if you’re really fortunate, you’ll work with digital marketing people who are also fluent in technospeak. Let’s face it, there’s a lot to take in on a daily basis and still find time to do your job: conversion rate (CR), cost per lead (CPL), traffic sources, click through rate (CTR), bounce rate, return on investment (ROI), cost to acquire a customer (CAC), key performance indicator (KPI), link building, keywords, SEO, SEM, and the list goes on.

Smaller Shops are More Nimble

When you have the flexibility of a smaller digital marketing agency, you’re one step closer to getting answers you need immediately, not two weeks down the road. Having a strategic partner who knows your business and has your best interest at heart will increase your effectiveness. This is your go-to person who understands the changing landscape of your business and stays ahead of the curve to keep you front and center of what matters most.

Strategists Who Listen and Respond

Every client is unique, with special needs and wants. What works for you does not necessarily work for another client. When your digital marketing agency understands this and they are close to (you) and the work being done, you have immediate access to the creative process and the collaboration necessary to accomplish the end goal. Your agency partner sees the big picture in line with your vision.

Pay for What You Get

The beauty of working with a smaller shop gives you clarity in what you’re spending. You’re not paying for the infrastructure of a large agency and all the added overhead. You know exactly what you’re buying and what you can expect for that price. You can see it by line item and decide what to pay for now and what to add later. Not to mention with these scalable solutions they can easily evolve as your business does.

Faster Connections to Your Customer Base

A smaller agency is able to adroitly stay in front of our key performance indicators and adjust accordingly. Having the expertise working for you that influences the various strategies in social, paid social, paid search, display, and such gives you the understanding of your customer’s behavior.

The Value of Metrics, Well Communicated

Anyone can put together an impressive looking report filled with mountains of data. But what good is it if you do not know how to use it? You need the skills of digital marketing people who know data analysis, who know your business and understand your goals. And, you need people who are willing to share their knowledge with you.

Say Au Revoir to Turnover

Smaller shops tend to hang onto the really savvy people, unlike larger agencies where turnover is routine. Isn’t it better to know that you’ll be working with the same people who work diligently to help you achieve your goals? With a smaller digital marketing team, you’ll feel the difference because you’re in a relationship with people who care.

Why spend your budget on so many intangibles you have trouble justifying the expense on your quarterly report? Know what you’re getting. Partner with people who are there when you need them and offer solutions that make sense. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the power behind a smaller digital marketing agency.