Developing Content Eyes

I believe that everyone is creative and has the potential to become a content generator. Smartphones and photo editing apps are ubiquitous and affordable. To have content eyes, you have to pay attention – look around, listen, use your imagination– then notice what grabs you. Scenes that convey emotion, lifestyle, or stories are ideal content vehicles. Find quotes that inspire or motivate you. All of this is fodder for content creation.

Maybe it’s a quote you read that stops you in your tracks. Overlay those words onto an image to produce an inspirational Instagram post.

Or it could be a self-portrait of you pecking away at a laptop with a Wonder Woman mug set off to the side. This could become a tweet about entrepreneurs or fandoms.

Perhaps you capture an image of a team member deep in conversation or presenting at a meeting. Use this as a Facebook post about leadership or expertise.

Inspiration for creating engaging content is everywhere. No fancy cameras, hiring of elite photographers, or purchasing of expensive software required. Just pay attention. Unleashing creativity and developing content eyes are things everyone can do. It may take more practice for some than others, but where in life is that not the case?

Here are a few fun posts I’ve created. Yes those are my children, such as they are. Draw your inspiration from what matters to you. Readers will feel what you feel if you do it well.