Dallas Marketing is Local Marketing and Why it Matters More than Ever

The Dallas economy is blooming with no slow down in sight.  According to Forbes.com Dallas-Fort Worth has a projected economic growth rate of 4.9% through 2016. Texas added more jobs in 2012 than all other 49 states combined. New industry is drawn to the Dallas-Fort Worth for very simple reasons: taxes are low, its location in the central U.S. eases logistics, access to an educated work force, and real estate is inexpensive.  These factors draw companies from all other parts of the country and they are all landing in our back yards.

More local business means more competition for consumers’ attention. With the expansion in local industry, we are seeing an increase in population, an increase in competition, but also the increase in opportunity. This means your company has to become savvier with their local marketing tactical plan. If your business is dependent on local customers, focusing your resources on proven Dallas marketing strategies is vital to your bottom line.  Dallas marketing IS local marketing.  Local is where it is at.

Key Strategies for Local Marketing success:

1.    Event Based Marketing - EBM has become an increasing local marketing favorite because it allows serviced based businesses the opportunity to bring potential clients into an event that captures their attention for extended periods of time.  Additionally, it is a great chance to collect feedback from people that really use and understand your product or service. The key is to create an event where people feel they are leaving with something useful, not just filled with sales pitches.

2.    Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns - With a reported 300% increase in the number of emails that are opened on mobile devices, it seems obvious that email is an optimum communicative strategy for your business. Successful targeted email marketing campaigns can be achieved through lead tracking on your website.  Using integrated tracking technology tools can provide some key points that need to be incorporated when developing your client-targeted emails. For instance, emailing what people are interested in is vital. Following email marketing best practices is also a must.

3.    Targeted Social Media Marketing - We live in a “show-me” age. Consumers like visualizations of what your company is about. What you are really doing when using social sharing media, like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, you’re selling your story, branding yourself and creating an loyal brand community.  Social media marketing can be highly successful when content is shared frequently, when content is a balanced mix of entertaining and informational, and when content is relevant to your online community. Photos, client quotes, infographics, event announcements, contests, trivia – these are all great elements to fold into your social sharing content mix.  Social media marketing requires time and consistency to be successful, and some business owners’ love taking on this marketing tactic. If you don’t “get” social media or just don’t have the time, strongly consider talking to a local Dallas marketing firm that can help.

4.    Get Acquainted with Online Local Search Tools and Claim Your Online Business Listing - Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other online directories have free or basic online tools to help local businesses get found in local internet searches.  This means getting found by local people who are looking for what you sell.  These are people within close proximity to your business. If you are a local business, this truly is a must have for your Dallas marketing toolkit.  Write detailed descriptions about your business and include photos, coupons, and definitely maps. Please don’t forget your website link and phone numbers!

These online services will help your business get found and connect with customers in the Dallas – Forth Worth area:

Failing to take the time to incorporate these local marketing campaign steps thoroughly and properly is where many organizations fail.  If your internal marketing resources are already stretched, or maybe nonexistent, please consider consulting with a Dallas marketing firm that can offer their perspective on your local marketing strategies.  Outside guidance can be incredibly valuable and often more affordable than you think.  Consider the cost of not keeping pace with your competitors in the booming DFW economy.

Make sure your business is staying ahead of local growth by engaging in key local marketing strategies. Contact Witmer Group today