Achieve Successful Email Distribution For Your Business

It’s no secret that the easiest way to keep in touch with consumers is through email. Email distribution continues to lead consumer purchases more than any other marketing resource. A recent study by ExactTarget states that 66% of survey respondents indicated that they had made purchases based on a promotional email.

Email marketing research statistics indicate steady growth in email contact and consumer interaction through email distribution. It is increasingly important that more attention be given to targeted email campaigns, including maintaining a healthy database. More time and effort should be channeled into marketing resources where there is the highest potential for return on investment (ROI).

Email distribution, like any aspect of your business, needs to be closely monitored and maintained.

Here are some things you should consider when executing your organization’s email campaign.

  • Less Is More. Give each one of your organization’s emails a distinct goal and a simple voice. You don’t want to overwhelm your consumer with too much information. Keep your message simple with, perhaps, only 1 goal per email. Leave lots of white space around your text. Creating this white space allows for your consumer to see the text and click on the text from their smart phones and other mobile devices.
  • Give To Get. Surprise your email recipients by making them curious about what your emails might have to offer them. You can achieve this by making sure the only things they receive are not sales pitches. Every so often reward your loyal consumers with free information or special offers.
  • Always Have A Call To Action. Every email should present a call to action for the consumer. Bringing attention to your email in your subject line is just the beginning. Without follow through, your urgent and informative email can be lost in the email abyss after it’s been read. If readers like what they see they are more likely to follow up in a positive way if they are “shown” what to do next. It may seem obvious but a “read more” or “click here” will engage your interested email reader.
  • Maintain A Healthy Database. Take the time to look over your email distribution list. It is vitally important that your email distribution lists are accurate. If you are properly monitoring your distribution lists then you should be removing any bad leads, keeping track of your soft bounces and analyzing contact responses to see what triggers actions in your email campaign. This can help you “see the big picture” and make educated decisions for future email campaigns.
  • Follow Best Practices. Email filtering technology has become more sophisticated. Learn what you can do to increase the chances your email will land at the top of an inbox and not in the spam folder. It is also good practice to have email recipients actively opt in to email subscriptions, and giving them the option to unsubscribe. (For more information)

Whether you need to clean up your email distribution campaign or are just starting to explore the benefit of an email distribution campaign, contact Witmer Group and see how we can provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your marketing goals.