About Jane

Jane has more than 20 years of experience in writing for agencies and corporations, whether writing content for public university websites, landing pages, email and digital campaigns or crafting social media and client blogs. She has a proven background in creative writing/editing, concept and content development, blogging, SEO web/email/ digital, along with the uncanny ability to not only listen, but to ‘hear-between-the-lines’ when it comes to what the client needs.

Jane is a skilled communicator with respect – yes, respect – for the written and spoken word. More than just a wordsmith, Jane can strategically fine-tune every aspect of your content, no matter what format: social media, website, blog, email or even a white paper
or case study.

Jane has been part of the Witmer Group Team for almost 10 years and loves the interaction and exciting mix of helping a diverse range of clients. Changing gears while staying on task is one of her specialties.

Here’s how Jane best describes herself:
Writing is my passion. I love the challenge of crafting words to communicate, share, persuade, educate and enlighten. Whether I’m writing a blog, case study, web page, splash page, or email, the same focus and thought goes into every project.
• Quick Study - I have the unique ability to step into new endeavors or industries by reading, researching, listening, and collaborating.
• Skilled Listener - Being a skilled listener enables me to comprehensively hear what goals need to be reached.
• Steady at the Helm - Whether working with a team or solo, I work extremely well under pressure simply because I have adapted to doing so over time.
• Leader/Collaborator - I'm a steadfast leader or a dedicated follower, whichever is needed, and I am confident of being an asset to any team that aspires to value and purpose.

With a love of learning and an innate yearning for new challenges, Jane brings a wealth of skills to the Witmer Team and we value her enthusiasm and polished talents.
Creative and imaginative, Jane has always been a writer and has worked as an agency account manager, copy editor, creative director and communication project manager.

She loves Apple TV, Cirque du Soleil, Downton Abbey, intelligent drama, trees, nature, wild Alaskan salmon (for dinner) and, of course, her family of 8 beautiful cats.

For fun and on her own time, Jane writes children’s stories, one unpublished book to date, and has aspirations of getting published in the near future.