5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Run a Press Release

How do you know it’s time to create your press release? Just because your business is small does not mean your company is not worthy of, or that it cannot reap the benefits of, a Press Release.  After consulting with several small business owners, I noticed a theme. They are all reluctant to pay the price to promote what they deem to be insignificant changes in their company.  Understandably, a small business does not often have the manpower to effectively do website management and public relations. Today’s small business owner has a virtual smorgasbord of social media marketing options to keep up with.  How does one guy do it all?  Most importantly, how does he know when he needs a Press Release?

What news is worthy of a Press Release?

  • A collaboration with another business, company or organization  Any time your organization is in cooperation with an outside entity you have Press Release potential. A partnership of this nature presents opportunities whereby your business can be viewed by trade marketers and/or local media. Opportunities for exposure are increased, especially if both organizations take the time to push out their own Press Releases.
  • A new employee, or new (or improved) product/service  When your company has a new employee that will bring key elements to your business or when a new product/ service is made available you have the opportunity to reach local media, as well has marketers within your business spectrum and present them with a noteworthy improvement to your organization.
  • Involvement in special events  Anytime your organization is participating in a special event you have the chance to promote the event as well as your business involvement to your local media, others in your trade or people interested in your cause. Naturally, the larger the event the more press opportunity will arise. Attention can be drawn to both your event and your business.
  • Awards, achievements and company milestones  It’s important to take advantage of and publicize your organizations accomplishments and landmark events. Again, this will also be an opportunity to expose your business to local media and marketing for your field of work.
  • Breaking new ground  This is true literally or figuratively. Expanding a company physically or breaking through in new and innovative territory in your business spectrum is news worthy. It is relevant to your trade and probably will have effect on your community.

You have the news! Now how do you do it?

The good news for the smaller business owner is that they don’t have to do it alone. Online Marketing firms are well equipped to help you brand your business through SEO optimized content and can help get your message pushed out to the correct PR venues. In addition, some of these firms will help you use social media outlets to further your range of influence.

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