Building An Effective Online Presence For Your Business

As an online marketing and lead generation agency for small to mid sized businesses, we often consult and educate our clients about the importance of actively managing online information about their company and brand. Many of our clients know this, but may be lacking specific know-how or man-power.

Even the smallest business can build an effective online presence, although clients should not expect brand managing and online marketing to be effortless. Time and effort must be factored in when considering the resource cost of online marketing and brand management.

Here are some basic steps for building an effective online presence for your business.

  • Assign team resources for implementation and ongoing work.
  • Select social media and social curation sites to participate in.
  •  Select which business directory profiles you will claim.
  • Claim or create local business listings.
  • Research the terms you will use in your social media profiles and directory listings.  Google’s keyword tool is very informative.
  • Write optimized profiles and choose images that convey the right message.
  • Set up online alerts to monitor what is being said about your business name and services.
  • Create and manage a content development and distribution plan.
  • Monitor social media profiles for community interaction. Don’t just talk AT your audience. Make it a conversation!
  • Encourage clients and fans to LIKE your business online and post positive comments.

We are providing an Online Brand Management Checklist with links for our clients and visitors. Submit your information on the right sidebar to download the list and and start building an online presence for your business today!