2016 Focus

I subscribe to Chris Brogan’s emails and I’m almost always entertained with something that challenges the way I think and act. Something that pushes me to pause the daily grind and allow glimpses of the bigger picture to come into focus. For that, I am very appreciative!

Recently he has shared his annual ‘three words’ – read here for more on the process behind it, and now I’m sharing mine in this public forum.

Here goes –

1) Act. Let go of the old ways of overthinking options, strategies and efforts. Make something happen and move forward. Always learning as I go.

2) Choose. Learn from the past and choose the best route. Maybe that means saying no to a client or declining a coffee invite. Live with purposeful choice.

3) Imagine. Do my best to visualize what outcomes will present themselves from the choices I face today. Don’t get stuck in the moment – find that balance.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this! Share yours with me, I’d love to see them.