The SEO Waiting Game: How long does it take?

The question most people want to know is how long will it take to get ranked #1 for my keywords? The fact is there is no simple answer.

Certainly, relevance, search volume and competitiveness are still important, in fact, maybe more important than ever. But the strategies used to reach searchers have changed. Once upon a time, the goal was to target a small number of relevant search terms, each of which would drive high volumes of traffic.

Today, a successful keyword strategy targets hundreds or thousands of potential keyword phrases, each of which will only drive a moderate amount of traffic. But these new keyword phrases which use natural language (i.e. the way we actually speak), are extremely relevant and consequently more likely to convert.

Voice search functionality allows people to speak their searches rather than typing them and this is driving SEO using natural language. Also people are including more detail in their typed searches as they seek to find the specifics of what they’re looking for — faster. These keywords are much easier to rank for, because they’re not as competitive. They are much more relevant because they include more detail, and therefore traffic from these keywords which converts at a higher rate.

Also, as searchers speak their searches, they’re changing the keywords they use. Instead of searching for “texas pediatric allergists” when looking for an allergy specialist for their child, the searcher might query “where in texas can I find the best pediatric food allergy specialist.”

Another factor that affects the time needed to rank in Google is the type of content. Breaking news stories will rank faster than stories which are not considered news.

Likewise a new picture of the new born British prince will get to the top faster than the image you are uploading to accompany your new post.

Selection of title (SEO optimized title) – Having an SEO optimized title is more important than you think. Choose titles using the keyword tool, but an SEO title will help you rank faster than a non-optimized title.

Bottom line: Don’t be impatient. SEO ranking takes time, so hang in there and stay on top of what’s new and trending in the world of SEO.