Social Media Marketing: Let’s Get this Party Started!

Ok, so by now you know your small business needs to make social media part of your marketing plan. But, where to begin? Between the hashtags, followers, pins, posts, blogs, PPC, and SEO it can all be pretty overwhelming. And, surely you’d be great at any or all of these things if you just had the time – but you’ve got a business to run!

Well, take a deep breath and relax.  The good news is, there is a lot of great ways to connect with your customers and industry out there – most of them at pretty low cost.  There is also an abundance of information out there on how to make the most of it all. Might we suggest that tackling a social media marketing plan is a bit like eating an elephant – you gotta do it just one bite at a time.

The underlying message is this:  It isn’t WHAT you do, it’s that you just DO IT AT ALL.  Spend a little time a few days a week – like while you are having your morning coffee – and start to get comfortable with the tools that are out there.  You’ll find where you best connect with your customers, industry experts and the communities that are important to your business.

Now that you’re ready to take those steps, we’ll get you started with a few general tips to make the most of your time as you learn.

Social Marketing is like your library card or gym membership: you’re not really going to get anything out of it unless you use it regularly. While the specifics on this page are a good place to start, find the outlets that work best for your business and your style, then take time to visit them and build a community a little bit every day.

Steer clear of divisive topics. Sharing strong opinions on sensitive topics – from politics to parenting – can alienate potential customers. Especially if they have nothing to do with your business, keep opinions away from your social media.

Share and share alike. If you want to grow your network, take the time to provide feedback to people you network with. Share comments on posts in Google+ circles, “like” things on Facebook, take the time to retweet. Oftentimes people in your community will respond in kind.

Add insight. Providing tips or insight to your network gives your business credibility. Take the time to share information that your customers may value.

Master the #hashtag. Learn the hashtags trending topics that fit with your business. It’s a great way to expose your posts to broader audiences.

Let pictures do the talking. Photos, infographics and videos are leading the way to engagement on all social media platforms. Take pictures of what you do and share often.

Now go get out there and post something!