Marketing Attention Deficit

In today’s world, it’s quite common for people to note how fast things are moving, how many things in their life are competing for their attention and how difficult it is to stay focused on one thing for any relevant amount of time. Everyone pretty much agrees at this point that a single focus on a specific task will yield the best result in the end.

When creating a marketing strategy, it is sometimes even more complex when the end strategy requires a multi-task viewpoint. Hitting the touch points of mobile, social, print and television are inherently geared towards our multi-tasking, attention deficit audience. And wisely so, a strategic component alone will not ensure success.

So what’s important here is that we, as marketers, take a single focus approach when building this strategy. This allows us to achieve the best results possible for each individual medium while maximizing the power of the whole campaign.

So build your multi-touch strategy and then break down the components so that you can examine them on their own. Test them for relevance to the audience, relevance to the medium and only then place them in context to the larger messaging strategy.