Local SEO — Getting Started

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At Witmer Group, we help our clients optimize their local SEO profiles to remain competitive in the local marketing landscape. The first step in this process usually involves going into their Google My Business (GMB) profile and making the necessary changes to ensure that it’s filled out correctly.

The accuracy of the information contained within your GMB profile is one of the most important elements of optimization. Google is very strict on businesses having their name, address, and phone number listed precisely as it should be.

For example, we had one new client in 2020 who had an incorrect phone number listed on their GBM page. They had changed their number many months ago and had forgotten to update their profile.

In addition to potentially harming the rankings of their local SEO, it had an additional negative effect—many potential new clients were using Google Local to find a provider of the services they offer.

When those people clicked on the local SEO search result of our client and tried to call the phone number that was listed—they were instantly met with a busy signal and computerized voice that stated, “this number is no longer in service.”

It’s important to keep your GMB profile information updated as often and accurately as possible. However, that’s easier said than done for most business owners. With as much as you and your employees have on your plates, it can be extremely challenging to manage your local SEO profile.

If you’d like to learn more about local SEO or have a few questions about how best to go about optimizing your profile for better rankings, contact us or give us a call at (214) 865-9484

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