Geomarketing – Do you know where your next customer is?

There are a lot of technical facets to location based marketing, aka Geomarketing. But the fact is that the technology exists and it’s growing rapidly in sophistication and availability. The bottom line is that it’s very possible to know where an individual is and serve up an ad based on external factors.

Imagine serving up an ad about disaster recovery services to an area that is about to be in a storm watch.

Or imagine marketing travel related goods to people who are at an airport.

These real life scenarios are powerful examples of marketing techniques available today. And not only that, but this is how customers expect to be approached. They want to be spoken to in a very personal and significant way. More and more people are not just tuning out irrelevant advertising, but they are getting turned off by irrelevant advertising. And when an individual is annoyed by marketing messages or approaches they are increasingly likely to express this online via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram both with the written word and visually with quick pics taken from their camera.

So as we look to developing those 2015 marketing plans, make sure to spend that extra moment thinking about the real life experiences of your prospective audience. Then you can discover extremely creative ways to engage, excite and ultimately convert customers.