Changes to Google AdWords Makes a BIG Difference in your Advertising Strategy

There has been a lot of hoopla around Google’s recent live presentation where they shared their plans for world dominance, er, I mean greater tools for you as marketers.

The list includes amazing new tools with analytics and AdWords reporting, new features allowing segmented bidding based on the users device and additional opportunities for targeting your ideal audience, and that’s just for starters.

One takeaway is the change in the structure of search advertising. We’ve known for some time that advertising space is going to slowly dominate the search results pages, taking up more and more space that was previously set for organic results.

New text ads will see an increase in headline space and one long 80-character description. This will create a 50% increase in space that your ad will take up.

I’ll say it again; ads will soon have 50% more real estate then they did previously.

So for those of you continuing to invest in paid advertising campaigns, things will continue to turn your way with more creative options than ever.

For those focusing exclusively on organic traffic, you will continue to have a battle against more aggressive media spends out there. Fortunately, the long tail organic game is still greatly in play.