A Personal View from the Inside – Teamwork

Working with the Witmer Group has been an opportunity that has exposed me to the true ins and outs of the business world. During this internship, I have seen the collective effort of a team and how each person plays a key role in each clients’ success. The “behind the scenes” aspect of a company is often overlooked, but it’s how clients remain happy here at Witmer Group.

For the next few weeks, I will be highlighting our team and how each person on this team does their job in the process to create something effective for the clients. I’ve worked with every member of the Witmer team and seen the creative process first hand. Each step gets handed off approved and sent to the next chain in the link for the next steps. This handoff allows each product to be created with the client’s exact vision in mind and allows for changes to be made to fit these exact ideas.

My job here comes into play when I am either creating content and sending it off for approval or making revisions after initial review. It is common for projects or tasks to be dealt with by multiple members of the team, meaning clients get the full attention of Witmer Group and get the personal experience. The work that I create gets looked at by 3-4 different members of Witmer Group and then gets edited to meet the exact standards for the client. The teamwork and dedication of this team are unlike any other I have been a part of. They strive to satisfy every client’s need and truly have a passion for client satisfaction and success.

I am proud to be a part of the Witmer Group team, experiencing the collective efforts it takes to get our work pushed through and ready for the client.

Allie is currently a sophomore at UT Texas, Austin, majoring in Corporate Communications. Originally from Pennsylvania, she has chosen Texas for her college education because Austin is a wonderful city to be in, and of course the warm weather!

Witmer Group is delighted to have Allie with us to learn the ropes in Digital Marketing - and her willingness, fresh ideas, and technical savviness make her a welcome addition to our team!