Save Your Budget and Get High Level Marketing Strategy Expertise – Without One New Hire

People give a lot of lip service to the “team” thing, but there really are people who actually deliver on that promise.

It’s what happens when you bring together a select group of digital wizards, creative communicators, tech-savvy marketers and relationship-centric individuals. That’s a tried and true “team” thing. And it’s what you get when you partner with an experienced marketing strategy team. Their goal is to hammer out the details that will help you nail more leads, gain new business, excite your users, get more buzz than even Twitter can handle, and maintain a bottom line that puts you front and center as the #1 “cost-effective-budget-managing genius”.

Let’s say you’re looking to hire a Social Media Manager or a Digital Media Specialist. What about someone to write video scripts? Maybe you’re looking for an SEO Manager, an Email guru or an experienced Web Designer. Possibly you need all of these people!  So let’s see what these ‘new hires’ would look like in the budget.

  • Average Salary: $50,000
  • Cost to Hire: $8,000 per/hire on a $50,000 Salary
  • Time Off: 6.7% of Salary
  • Retirement: 3.67% of Salary
  • Government Mandated Costs: 8.3%*

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (March 2012) the average direct cost for a new employee, based on a 40-hour work week is $63,835.20, which includes $44,241.60 in basic wages and $19,593.60 for benefits and taxes.

Hmmm.  Interesting numbers. And that’s for one new hire.

Well, if you’re one of those unusually fortunate individuals with a goldmine of a budget and scads of time on your hands, congratulations. Don’t let us keep you. You probably need to get busy recruiting and interviewing.

On the other hand, if you want access to people with exemplary skills, plus years of experience, and an A+ track record, you can have it all – and without investing in new cube space, computers, printers, phones, onboarding, training, benefits, insurance and, oh yes, pay increases. You need to consider a bundled, retainer-based marketing solution. You need to consider a marketing strategy team.

We excel with the team approach. You have Kristina, Rebecca, Emily, Lori, Jane and Chris working tirelessly on your projects; and you don’t have to spend one slim dime on health insurance, training, new office space or paid time off.

By giving up the thousands you would spend hiring one person for the skill sets mentioned here, you can spend a fraction on a monthly retainer and get way more for your investment. It’s that simple. We’ve recreated this scenario many times with measurable results.

It’s possible to get the talent you need, increase your lead generation, spiff up your rankings and do it affordably and smart.

*Source: Average New Hire Costs