Personal Journey #5 – Interview with Tony

Each week of the mini-blog series I feature a new team member who is a part of the Witmer Group. This week it’s Tony’s turn to be featured in the spotlight. I asked him a few questions about his role in the Witmer Group and here’s what he had to say.

Q: What drew you to Witmer Group initially?

A: The culture is what initially drew me to Witmer Group. Kristina (the Owner) built a great internal team and within a few weeks of initially meeting everyone, my gut feeling told me that I was working with an amazing group of people. Time has proven that feeling to be 100% accurate.

Q: What jobs do you perform for Witmer Group?

A: Content marketing, copywriting, editing/proofreading, local, internal marketing

Q: What do your day-to-day operations look like?

A: Wake up at 6am, feed the cat, make my coffee, and start work at 7am. I try to write in the mornings because that’s why my brain is fresh. Hard stop around noon for lunch, and then handle all other work in the afternoon.

Q: What is your role in Witmer Group?

A: Director of Content Marketing and SEO

Q: What does your life look like outside of Witmer Group?

A: I like to be outdoors and go hiking when the weather is nice.

Q: Tell us about you individually. What are some of your interests and hobbies?

A: I enjoy anything outdoors, going to church, and some gaming in my free time.

Q: Where are you located now?

A: Las Vegas

Q: How has the Witmer group allowed you to grow as a professional?

A: Working for Witmer Group has really helped me dial in and hone some of my processes.

Q: What is your favorite part about working for Witmer Group?

A: The culture and the clients. Everyone at Witmer Group is great to work with and they are on top of things. We have a great group of clients and it’s a pleasure working with them as well.

Tony is a very valuable asset to the team and contributes in various amazing ways. Tony focuses on local CEOs and different marketing tactics. Check out the mini-blog next week to learn more about the life of another Witmer Group team member.