Sales teams perform at their very best when they have the right tools to do their job. Working from different pieces of software decreases efficiencies and keeps them from seeing the bigger picture—and landing new leads and sales.

Sales Hub from HubSpot is a powerful CRM that eliminates friction, provides a more cohesive environment, and provides your sales team with the tools they need to perform at their very best.

There are a wide range of features you’ll get from Sales Hub CRM:

Starting Conversations

Connect with prospects using email templates, email tracking, and document management/tracking.

  • You’ll know the very second a lead opens an email so that you can follow up at the precise time to close deals quicker.
  • Turn your best-performing sales emails into templates you can share with the entire team. Personalize it with your CRM data and hit the send button. Easy.
  • Build a comprehensive library of valuable sales content for your team while sharing documents from your Outlook or Gmail inbox. You’ll be able to see which content closes more deals.

Strengthen Relationships

Establish long-lasting relationships and build trust with new clients. Schedule meetings, accept payments, and connect with customers via live chat.

  • Prevent the back-and-forth that often occurs when finding an acceptable time for a meeting. Simply share a link that gives prospects the ability to choose a time that works for everyone. It will seamlessly sync with Office 365 or Google Calendar.
  • Native CRM-powered payments mean you’ll be able to transform the buying experience by digitizing payments, accelerating revenue growth, and providing your sales team with shareable, secure, one-time payment links, and native quote integrations.
  • You can also directly route live chat conversations to the optimal sales rep to build better relationships while closing more deals.

Manage Your Pipeline Better

Gain in-depth visibility into the health of your business while automating multiple administrative tasks. Send out optimized quotes, create a comprehensive sales management playbook, and discover hidden insights through sales reporting and analytics.

  • Give your sales team the tools they need to succeed—call scripts, positioning guides, competitive battle cards, and much more can help improve sales enablement and ultimately close more deals.
  • Create professional-looking and branded quotes in just a few seconds. You’ll have the tools you need to quickly send a quote when your product or service is at the top of the mind of your prospects.
  • You can gain valuable insights and complete visibility of your sales process through powerful analytics and data reporting. This will allow you to forecast and deliver outstanding results more effectively.

More Ways to Connect

Your customers have a preferred method of contact—SalesPro will enable you and your sales team to connect with customers from anywhere. The mobile CRM app, account-based marketing, and pipeline management feature will allow you to connect in various ways.

  • Manage tasks, deals, and contacts—from anywhere and on any device. Whether you’re down the hall or out on the road, the mobile app will keep you connected while you’re on the move.
  • Assign tasks, track progress, and add deals with one click of the mouse in your dashboard. The pipeline management feature makes tracking sales pipelines easy and intuitive.
  • Turn more high-value target accounts into paying customers with account-based marketing. The intuitive and collaborative tools will help unite your marketing and sales teams to march in lockstep towards the same goals.

SalesHub Starter vs. Professional

SalesHub has two different packages—Starter and Professional. Each one is geared towards a specific use case and offers many valuable features. The main difference is that the Starter package is for smaller, growing teams.

For example, if you just started your business, you may not have many sales materials to manage—and won’t need the extra features. The Professional package has a broader range of features to provide additional value to established sales teams.

The Starter package comes with the following features:

  • Live Chat
  • Calling—500 minutes a month
  • Templates—unlimited
  • Meetings—unlimited meeting links
  • Sequences—unlimited
  • Notifications—unlimited
  • Documents—unlimited
  • Send Later—schedule 1:1 emails to be sent at a pre-designated time
  • Teams—create one team
  • Core CRM—get access to the core CRM features of SalesPro

The Professional package comes with many enhanced sales features that allow you and your team to manage campaign elements more precisely. You’ll gain access to the following features:

  • Smart Notifications—Flags the hottest engaged leads
  • Products—Sales reps can associate deals with specific products/services. This allows managers and teams to report on product-specific data
  • Reporting—Unlimited custom reports and a single dashboard
  • Quotes—Easily generate product quotes to share with a prospect instantly.
  • Sequence Queues—Send out fully personalized bulk emails at the click of a button. The intuitive process helps you select the right contacts while saving time.
  • Sales Email Recommendations—This helpful tool helps prevent personalized emails from sounding too generic. It provides a personalization score and recommendations to tailor the message to the person you’re enrolling in the sequence.
  • Calling—Get up to 33 hours of calling per month.
  • Required Fields—You can make a certain field in the CRM “required” so that sales reps have a wealth of data at their fingertips.

You’ll also gain access to:

  • Workflows
  • Predictive Lead Scoring
  • Multiple Deals
  • Teams
  • Advanced Views
  • SFDC Connector

Which Package is Right for You?

SalesPro from HubSpot is the ideal way to improve the efficiency of your sales team while being able to close more leads. At Witmer Group, we’re an official HubSpot Partner and can help you select the right package for your business or organization. Contact us for more information.

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