The Internet is an excellent way for lawyers to connect with new clients. But it’s more than that. Your law firm website should be a client-generating tool for your business.

The voice and tone of your website and all of its components should be unique to you and to your law practice. Even more than search engine optimization and organic and paid search, the structure and presence of your website must be consistent, quality content. That means time well spent deciding what you want people to recognize as your most distinctive differentiator. Are you strategically planning, implementing and measuring your online law marketing efforts?

Case studies reveal that law firm websites and attorney websites report increased online traffic, new client growth and easier tracking and reporting internally. Whether it’s your first website, an overhaul of an existing site, or adding valuable components such as blogging, social media marketing, or paid search to your site -- there is a streamlined, painless way to get it done.

Witmer Group Solution:

  • Witmer Group starts with re-engineering websites. Each Firm is given a fresh and healthy website foundation utilizing key CMS web design tools, which are based according to the Law Firms size and functionality.
  • Witmer Group identifies each Law Firm's Branding Goals. Logos are created and the Firm's tone and focus is shifted to specifically target potential clients. In some cases, use of social networking is created and managed by the Witmer Group via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites.
  • Witmer Group utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to create organic search results. Research done by Witmer Group to identifies the keywords that brings each Firm the right clients and integrated it within the websites content. In some cases, blog management is created to improve continual SEO. Schedules are managed and topics are created.
  • Witmer Group continues Law Marketing Consulting. Website monitoring is installed on the websites. This allows for online lead tracking. The Law Firms can see which areas of their website will be interacted with most frequently. It also allows for the Firm to follow up with leads when people visit their site. Additionally, other SEO options can be implemented such as Pay Per Click, Social Integration, Press Releases and industry specific interactive web venues.

We’ve helped law firms of all sizes across the country and we can do the same for you. No matter what your needs may be.

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