Jim Witmer social media

About Jim

Jim’s experience with business and know-how for creating compelling messaging makes him a goldmine for Witmer Group. His creative skills help to reach the target audience for our clients by delivering high caliber content on industry-related topics.

Jim is the absolute go-to-guy for 'attention to detail' graphic creation and social messaging. Using his keen instincts for finding the right message to connect with clients’ prospective customers, Jim excels in keeping the clients happy.

Jim graduated from Florida State University, Class of 1996, where he pursued Latin America Studies, He also served in the United States Air Force for 22 years before retiring from military service.

From 2014 until August 2018, Jim worked as a Special Needs Caregiver for Mosaic Family Services in Rowlett, Texas. He remains involved with community events and supporting those in need.

Currently, Jim’s greatest passion is to be on a boat checking the crab traps and generally exploring the scenery that Florida has to offer. That is, when he’s not hard at work with Witmer Group.