A Secret Weapon for Screaming Successful Campaigns

There’s an ugly trend in internet marketing called bounce rate. It messes with your conversion rate. The obvious goal then for internet marketers is to unbounce their marketing.

Landing pages are designed to make your paid ads perform — to pay off. Email campaigns are supposed to generate leads and bring in new business. So what does bounce rate have to do with it?

It follows that in a best-case scenario, as you reduce the bounce rate, your conversion rate is likely to rise. And it makes sense that the bounce rate will keep more people on your landing page, giving your brand and message more exposure. This increases the chances of converting customers making your conversions rise.

Basically, that’s how it works. We employ this secret weapon to help our customers build wildly successful campaigns. It’s called Unbounce. While it’s not really a secret (at least not for a lot of savvy internet marketers) it is truly a mortal blow to misanthropic bounce rates.

Building mobile, responsive landing pages can mean changing 5% conversion rates to 20%, a significant increase. And with the resources provided by Unbounce, you and your marketing team can do it without your IT team. You can do A/B testing that’s easy to understand, implement, execute and measure, building strong, successful internet marketing campaigns.

If your strengths are less than optimum in areas of design, copywriting, page building and conversion optimization, Unbounce can help. They have a stockpile of resources to help you build better pages and achieve higher conversion rates – creative ways to defeat the bother of bounce rate.

Unbounce provides a wealth of free marketing resources, too, from in-depth ebooks to actionable monthly webinars. If you need tips, tricks, and tactics to help you with PPC, you’re in the right place. Toolkits are available for LPO (Landing Page Optimization) as well as PPC.  They even have courses you can take to learn how to beat the bounce rate.

Bottom line is we like Unbounce because they have creative solutions that help us do a better job for our clients. If you happen to be one of our clients, congratulations, you’re enjoying the benefits of our partnership with Unbounce. If you’re simply in need of bounce rate solutions for your business, team or agency, you could do no better than partner with Unbounce.

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