Building Successful Inbound Strategies

Witmer Group is a team of highly experienced marketing and content experts with decades of combined experience. Our services support your Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, and Sales Enablement efforts.

As a HubSpot Partner, we leverage this robust platform to help customers accelerate engagement with more qualified prospects, land new business that aligns with their company goals, and automate processes to streamline the sales and marketing workload.

Witmer Group is based in Addison, Texas, North of Dallas, and services the greater U.S. market.

Inbound Marketing

The sign of a solid inbound strategy is one that focuses on building up your customers. When you focus on providing support, resources, and solutions you build lasting effect.

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Outbound Marketing

Having a tool such as HubSpot as an integral part of your outbound strategy enables your marketing and executive team to track campaigns and spending in real time.

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Sales Enablement

We support your sales team by standardizing processes, centralizing reporting, creating sales tools and resources as well as implementing a system for qualifying leads.

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While we do provide a suite of traditional marketing services, our core focus centers around inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and sales enablement. These three services will help to establish a cyclical growth dynamic that gets stronger as time goes by.

Inbound marketing focuses on creating valuable content that will attract visitors to your website coupled with creating buyer personas that more closely define the type of individual who is most likely to engage with your products or services.

Outbound marketing focuses on getting your brand or company out to as many people as possible via one of several channels:

• Trade shows
• Direct mail
• TV/radio/print advertisements

• Press releases
• Social media
• Branded marketing

Sales enablement bridges the gap between marketing and sales. It provides your sales professionals with the tools, resources, and ideas they need to convert leads generated through inbound and outbound marketing.

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